Mattersey Primary School


At Mattersey Primary School we follow the National Curriculum, 2014 and the Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. 

We know our pupils very well and, to ensure every pupil succeeds in our mixed age classes, we adapt the curriculum to meet our children's personal needs and interests. All staff work together in an experienced and committed teaching team to ensure a broad and balanced learning experience. Our key drivers, What Matters at Mattersey, encompass the key skills we wish to develop in our pupils: 











We have developed our curriculum further with 'The Big Question' approach. This is a metacognition approach which supports pupils' understanding of the key learning within each lesson, and encourages children to refer back to the learning and develop their independence. The success criteria for every lesson is presented to pupils as Red/Amber/Green statements (RAGs) which enable pupils to be clear in their achievements and learning. We are now developing the ways that our pupils know and remember their learning through exploring ways to support pupils with their working memory, using the research of educational psychologist Barak Rosenshine and his principles of instruction. We are exploring the ways that pupils can be supported to improve their knowledge retention and understanding. 

We plan our curriculum over a two year cycle for EYFS/Key Stage 1 pupils and over a four year cycle for Key Stage 2 pupils. We offer our pupils continuous provision through school so that they develop their independence as learners. This also allows staff to work with children in small groups and on a one-to-one basis so that we can meet everyone's needs and ensure all of our pupils can reach their full potential. 

Please look at each subject area in this section of our website to see the curriculum details and knowledge and skills that our pupils will develop as they progress through our school.

Please contact Mrs Wilson if you require any further information about our curriculum. 



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