Mattersey Primary School



RotaKids is a highly recognised club, that is sponsored and funded by Retford Rotary Club. This club recognises the community and will go above and beyond to support the people in their area. 

Our Pupil Leadership team work with our Rotary Club representative to support initiatives for our pupils to develop new knowledge and skills and to recognise their personal development. 


Rotakids: Aqua Box Project

The whole school learned all about the Aquabox Project. Rotarians Richard McGrail and Geraldine Matthews worked with the year 6 pupil leaders to teach them all about this incredible project which sends water filters and humanitarian aid to disaster zones and conflict areas around the world.  Pupils learnt about the importance of clean water and saw a pump in action that filtered dirty water to ensure it was clear and safe to use. The Year 6 pupil leaders then demonstrated this to our whole school in assembly and talked all the Aquabox can offer. Pupil leaders are now working on ways for our school to raise funds in support of this worthy cause. 


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