Mattersey Primary School

Medicines in School and Illness


As of 1 September 2014
Managing prescription medicines in schools
The Elizabethan Academy Family of Primary Schools

In line with new Government regulations, we regret to inform you that we can no longer administer medicines in school.  This is the case for all children unless your child's significant medical needs require an Individual Health Care Plan (HCP) that is written in partnership with health professionals.

We would therefore advise you that if your child needs to take antibiotics, for example, you ask your GP to prescribe a three-dose daily course.  This would enable you to administer the medication before school, after school and before bedtime.  Alternatively, parents/carers are welcome to come into school just before lunchtime to administer any medication needed.

Please see our Medical Conditions and Medicines Policy or speak to a member of staff if you are unsure how this will affect you and your child.

Absence due to illness:

If your child is acutely unwell, they must be kept at home.

Please telephone the School Office on 01777 817265 as soon as reasonably possible to inform them of your child's absence (there is a voicemail service if you wish to leave a message).  This should be done for each day of absence.

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