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Residential May 2016: Kingswood Dearne Valley

Here is where you will find the daily blog from Kingswood Dearne Valley.

Please do take a look at Dearne Valley's website to find out exactly what Mattersey children will be up to during their trip:

The adventure so far...

Day 1: Wednesday 4 May 2016

There is an excitement in the air; our bags are packed; the countdown has begun and the sun has even put in an appearance for the imminent adventure to Kingswood Dearne Valley!

Watch this space for more exciting news and photos of events as they happen!

1312 hrs: We're getting excited!  The bags are packed!  We're just waiting for the bus to arrive with the Everton children...and the sun is still shining!

13:15 hrs: The bus has arrived...

13:20 hrs: ...and we're off!  Next stop Kingswood Dearne Valley!

14:13 hrs: Yay...we've all arrived to the start of the first it to be "low ropes", "archery" or the "zip wire"...?

First activity of the day...helping each other across the low looks like super fun!  We all say "hello" to everyone back home!

"Baggsy me the top bunk"...all settled in our dorms...hope no-one snores!

Back to the serious stuff now...building towers and musical instruments in "team tech"...

Day 2: Thursday 5 May 2016

09:00 hrs: Meanwhile back at communication yet...I wonder if they're all having a lie-in?

09:15 hrs: We're awake!  We all slept well with no disturbances; must have been the excitement and activities that made us sleep well!  Finger's crossed for the same again tonight (Mrs Story and Mr Hanson think).  We are having a great time.  We have just had breakfast: cereal, fruit, yoghurt, toast and a full cooked English breakfast...we're being spoilt...but it will keep us going until lunchtime...packed day ahead...raft building next...a day on the water...and the sun is still shining!

We are enjoying ourselves in the lovely sunshine.  We have just finished finished the knots on our raft and are about to put the barrels on which will keep us afloat...fingers crossed!  All aboard the "Skylark" for our maiden voyage!

Looks like Mrs Story is a natural at this!  Steady she goes...the raft...not Mrs Story!

The rest of our voyage around the lake..."man overboard"...Mason who was brave enough to jump in first, then it's Cassie in the water and then Amina!

After lunch we had a well earned ice cream, then we did our problem solving activities.  You can see us on the giant see-saw doing our Usain Bolt moves?

Then archery...our top archers were Cassie and Mr Hanson...move over Robin Hood and Maid Marion!

Then it was time for tea and our last activity of the day was sitting around the campfire with "s'mores" or toasted marshmallows to those of us on this side of the "big pond"...

It was great...we told jokes, silly stories and the toasted marshmallows were delicious!  We are all ready for bed tonight...some very sleepy heads...and "us kids" are pretty tired too!  Goodnight everyone! 

Day 3: Friday 6 May 2016

We are all up...very sleepy and just about to pack our things before heading down to breakfast...really looking forward to another big day ahead:  We've got aero-ball first, then who will be brave enough to go down the zip wire?  After that, lunch and then home in time for the end of the school day!  

Right, full tummies...ready for action... 

First off it was aeroball then laser quest...

Then it was the zip wire...such brave souls!

We have all had a really great time...but looking forward to seeing you all to share our adventure!  Same time next year?

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